Codename Chimera’s first game is a blockchain game that uses the Ethereum main net. It is easy to learn and play from any device that can run a browser. It has been developed as an experiment for the Chimeras as a training ground.


Codename Chimera is based on the concept of a player-owned and controlled virtual character in the form of a non-fungible token that can move without any restriction between games and platforms, retaining all of its previously earned progression.


Codename Chimera is a window into a world of heroic battles and dark humor set in the age of Invasion, where Earth is attacked by beings from other dimensions and the surviving humanity is under siege from all sides by Heaven and Hell. Mutant cyborg mercenaries and nightmarish alien creatures crawl through the dimensional portals, intent on eating and enslaving the rest of the world. Against them stands the United Nations Army, composed of Bio-Engineered Chimeras, devoted Templars of the Gates, and innumerable ranks of drifters from countless worlds.


The Chimeraverse is vast and home to many different creatures, all vying for dominance and territory. This seemingly apocalyptic setting provides endless opportunities for adventures, world-building, and gaming. Maybe you are inspired to collect and play as a Chimera, and fight in bloody battles against epic monsters. Maybe you like to read and watch the adventures of carefree super mutants in an absurd world. Maybe it’s for collecting, finding the perfect and strongest creature. There is no wrong way to go about engaging with the open universe of Codename Chimera, so buckle up, roll a Chimera, and get ready for battle.

The codex
The chimeras

The Game Rules

Owning a Chimera puts you in command of an extremely deadly bioengineered super soldier. The game rules tell you everything you need to know in order to use your Chimera to massacre your opponent in a quick, deadly battle in the maze of Tartarus. Tartarus is the Chimera training ground: a vast, constantly changing, multi-level maze deep underground. It is a prison and test facility for the new, uncontrollable, cannibalistic Chimeras, where six of the nine districts are kill zones filled with traps, and the rest serves as Safe zones. Based on their performance in these Kill zones, the Chimeras are selected to go out and deal with alien threats.

The battle

What is a Chimera?
According to Greek mythology, Chimera is a fearsome monster, composed of different animal parts. In biology Chimera is a single organism composed of cells with more than one genotype. Codename-Chimera subjects are surgically and genetically modified humans with animal traits.

Who are we–the developers?
We are average human beings, obsessed with games and passionate about our work. We try to combine both: to make a living from our obsession and passion.

Why did we create the game?
Seeing the biggest game companies burn and fail made us sad. Their failure gave us gamers the opportunity to breed new life into this space. Thanks to Ethereum and the pioneers in this area like Crypto kitties and Axxie, NFTs are the best thing that has happened in a long time.

What gave you the inspiration?
Good question. When Codename Chimera was born in my head, it was something different. But the main idea came from many things like action figures to tabletop miniatures. From creature feature movies to comic books and role playing games. But I think all this love started with Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion creatures that I saw as a child.

What are the rules of the game?
We are going to publish the basic game rules with the game.

What is Metamask? Is it possible to play without it?
Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet, used for interactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Codename-Chimera users needs to connect a MetaMask in order to complete the transactions in the game.

If I don’t have MetaMask, how can I add the wallet to the game?
MetaMask is available as a browser extension and as a mobile app. Hence it is easy and fast to create a wallet.

Can I play on my phone or tablet?
Yes, it is possible to play on pc, tablet and mobile.

What is the next step after switching on MetaMask?
No looking back… you can start minting your Chimera.

What does “minting” mean?
Minting a Chimera means that we create our own Chimera. And this takes only some seconds.

How many Chimeras can be minted in total? Is there a limit?
The exact number of Chimeras is ten thousand and a hundred and one.

How many pieces are in the collection?
I’ve never counted but it’s a bit more than a hundred if we count the lower body variations with tails. And I needed to remove body parts because the permutation is on high for a limited series and I also need traits for the other factions. Oops 🙂 No color variations or lame re-skins. Chimeras have a unique look.

What can be done with the Chimeras?
You can love them, pet them, send them to beat the crap out of other Chimeras. Right now that’s all. Of course you can trade them or send them to your friends and family. A Chimera is fun for the whole family 🙂

Are there secondary royalties?
Royalties, Project Chimera gets 10% share from every second market re-sell.

Is it possible to model rarities?
Yes! It’s a big yes. I shuffled the Chimera traits to 3 different rarities. Common, uncommon and rare. The chances are fair, but if somebody wants a perfect look at Medusa or Minotaurus like Chimera. The fitting parts are in different rarity. So good luck to you out there.

What can I do with the Chimera NFTs? Can they be traded?
Sure, Chimeras are compatible with most of the marketplaces out there. Like OpenSea or Rarible.

Why is Chimera a good investment?
Because I’m not giving up developing the game and Chimeras are not just for collectors. Chimeras are digital action figures or characters and I hope someday our Chimeras are going to be present in many games and in the metaverse too. Which metaverse? All of them 🙂